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Kavli Institute of Nanoscience,
Delft University of technology
Lorentzweg 1
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The Netherlands


ELSTRU is a software package that helps you validate structural models using electron diffraction patterns. The ELSTRU package contains the datareduction program GREED and the refinement program MSLS.


A first version of the ELSTRU-manual can be downloaded from here.


License conditions and price lists are available from joukj@hrem.nano.tudelft.nl


Download and installation instructions for the following versions are avaialable:
           - OpenVMS (AXP)
           - Windows
           - Fedora x86-64 (Intel compiler)
           - Fedora i686 (Intel compiler)
           - Fedora i686 (G95 compiler)
           - CentOS x86-64 (Intel compiler)
           - OpenSUSE x86-64 (Intel compiler)
           - OpenSUSE i686 (Intel compiler)
           - MacOSX (64 bits)
The OpenVMS version is the best tested version and contains always all available options.
The Intel-Linux versions are about 25% faster than the G95 version. However the G95 compiler is FREE.
For the Intel-Linux compiler you need to have a license in some form (maybe you are entitled to get it for free)

Versions for other platforms may be available. If you have a request please drop me an E-mail at joukj@hrem.nano.tudelft.nl

 Last updated by Jouk Jansen on 27 September 2013