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Installing ELSTRU on OpenVMS7.3-2 (AXP)

  1) Download the ELSTRU binary package: elstru_openvms.zip
  2) Unzip the distribution:
             $ unzip elstru_openvms.zip
       The file ELTRU.BCK will be created.

   3) Restore the backup saveset ELSTRU.BCK:
             $ backup ELSTRU.BCK/save [your_destination.elstru...]

   4) Run the program getlicenseinfo.exe on all machine you would like to use ELSTRU
             $ run [your_destination.elstru.JOUKJ.TEST.elstru]getlicenseinfo.exe
        This procedure creates a file LICINFO.TXT
   5) To obtain license codes send all the LICINFO.TXT files together with the file
        [your_destination.elstru.JOUKJ.TEST.elstru]nodelock. to joukj@hrem.stm.tudelft.nl.
       A file called  NODELOCK. will be returned.
   6) The file NODELOCK.  can be installed in 2 ways :
              1) In the login directory of the  user who is  using the package
              2) In the directory sys$manager. This allows all users to use the package

   7) Update the DCLTables, You need priviledges to do this.
              $ set command/table=sys$library:dcltables.exe/outp=sys$common:[syslib]dcltables.exe -

   8) Enter for each group (i.e. 302)  to which eltru users belong the following command in
               $  run/detached/uic=[302,1]/input=nl:/output=nl: sys$system:loginout
               $  assign/table=LNM$GROUP_000302  [], -
                              [your_destination.elstru.JOUKJ.TEST.elstru],sys$sysroot:[syslib] sys$share

   9) Define a system wide logical ELSTRU$ROOT
               $ define/system/concealed ELSTRU$ROOT -
   10) Insert the following in the LOGIN.COM of each user who is going to use ELSTRU:
               $ pf :== -

   11) Now you can run the programs.


 Last updated by Jouk Jansen on 12 May 2004