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Installing ELSTRU (G95 compilation) on Fedora i686

   1) If you not already have, get a license from joukj@hrem.nano.tudelft.nl. The Username/Password which you get in
       the returning mail can be used as unput for the getlicenseinfo.exe program in point 5)

   2) Download one of the ELSTRU binary packages:
                      elstru_g95_fc4_1_6.tar-gz  (Compiled on Fedora core4 (glibc 2.3.5-10.3) on 21 March 2006)
                      elstru_g95_f7_1_0.tar-gz  (Compiled on Fedora 7 (glibc 2.6-4) on 28 September 2007)
      Note that presently I can only maintain the versions for glibc 2.8-8 and later. Bugs in the other
      versions are not garanteed to be fixed and may not contain all of the latest versions of the programs.
   3) Gunzip the distribution:
             gunzip elstru_g95_linux.tar-gz

   4) Restore the tar archive elstru_linux.tar:
             tar -xf elstru_linux.tar

   5) Run the program getlicenseinfo.exe on all machine you would like to use ELSTRU
        Here you need your Username/password. The program sends automaically an E-mail to Delft to generate the actual
        license code. This procedure creates a file LICINFO.TXT
   6) If all is OK you should find within a working day (most of the  times after minutes) a file called nodelock in your mailbox.
       If you do not get it  please notify  joukj@hrem.nano.tudelft.nl.
   7) The file nodelock  can be installed in 2 ways :
              1) In the home directory of the  user who is  using the package
              2) In the directory /usr/lib/netls/conf/ This allows all users to use the package

   8) Edit the file elstru/.cshrc. In the first line $defdir is defined. This environment variable
       should point to the directory to which you unpacked the elstru distribution

   9) Make sure that when running ELSTRU each user is using one of the following shells:

   10) Include the file elstru/.cshrc in the file .cshrc located in the home directory of each user,
       who is going to use ELSTRU
   11) Now you can run the programs.


 Last updated by Jouk Jansen on 29 October 2008